Punisher & The Walking Dead

Oh. My. God!

Could I be more in love with Jon Bernthal?! Him as Frank Castle is just utterly perfection.

Now, I don’t know anything about the Punisher movie or comics; but if I had to cast and lay out a show about a man on a revenge streak for the death of his family and friends this Netflix show is the way I would hope it would go.

The blood, guns, action, though sort of unnecessary sex scenes, conspiracies, so on keeps you hooked from the first episode. The end keeps you in your toes and eye balls glued to the tv or computer. There’s just no way you can look away. You HAVE to know if Frank succeeds in his mission and if a second season is coming.

If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT.

Now can we talk about the rumors of the Mid Season Walking Dead Finale?!

Rumor is a major character death is coming and it’ll be the hardest one yet. Words have been Carl or Rick. It’s been said by producers of TWD that Rick won’t survive all the seasons of TWD but does that mean he’ll die THIS season?

I DONT KNOW! Will I be sad if he dies? Sure! Who wouldn’t?! Carl, I can go either way. It would suck for Enid. Maggie is too important to story line right now to kill off. Jesus is possible. Daryl is definitely possible but Negan wants him alive at all costs. Eugene? Sure, and it could be done by his own former people!

Theres so many options right now I wouldn’t know where to safely place my bets until like s7 ep 1. We all knew how that was ending.

Tell me in the comments what your predictions are! Do you love Punisher? TWD? Tell me!


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