First Day of Spring Life Update

As if it wasn’t obvious I have been M.I.A for a good, long time.

Reason being is that my life had nearly, literally, blown up in my face. My house needed major repairs and everything that could go wrong, did. Our bathroom needed to be fixed first because of black mold and the toilet almost falling through the floor had it not been for the structural integrity of the pipes and basement floor boards.

Next our stove went. Thinking it was the heating coil and an easy repair we later found out it was the mother board. That is still out for repair with no idea if it can even be replaced given that it’s an in-wall unit.

Then went our fridge, which wasn’t that old! 6 years AT BEST. So for about two weeks we were living out of coolers filled with what we could save and ice. That was replaced recently for not a cheap price.

Our dishwasher was replaced, that was fun.

My uncle broke his ribs which limited driving and the ability to get our groceries or anything else we needed for about 6 weeks.

I’m not sleeping all that well and I’ve put on so much weight due to about three months of living out of coolers, eating out at restaurants, and fast food because we couldn’t cook for one reason or another. In all of this my Anxiety & Depression has taken a drastic nose dive. I just want to sleep, or hide, or just read books and be left alone. It’s very hard to deal with, as of late. I’m trying to get out of my slump but when everything just continues to fall apart it’s difficult to get out from under and you feel defeated.

So when it rains it pours! I just couldn’t win. The only thing that got me through were my favorite TV shows and books. I received some very special books.

The one I’m reading now is Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer. She sent me an early, hardcover, signed copy as I asked for an ARC but there weren’t any available at the time except for NETGalley. The reason being as I have a very similar situation with the main character. Not in HOW the situation with her family happened, but in that I have lost a parent at a very early age in life. I talked to the author and told her that I could see myself finding her book to be very therapeutic for myself and I would love to read and review it. I started reading a copy on NG and to my surprise I was sent the hardcopy.
I never received such a precious gift before. I will cherish this book to the end, I can already tell. I’ve already cried a few times, this book will kill me in the end but I think as the MC grows I might, myself, as well. Or gain a new perspective on how to handle my own grief as time goes on.

I’m very excited to finish this book. But also hesitant because I’ve already cried several times. LOL And Im not a crier. LOL.

Other than that life is SLOWLY getting back together. SLOWLY.

I went out with friends this weekend for St Patricks Day to celebrate what Irish Heritage is in my blood line. A few drinks, some cornbeef, friends, Cards Against Humanity, desserts, so on. Now I just wait to go home, as I don’t drive, to get to my OwlCrate which should be arriving today!

But that’s me! How’s YOUR life been lately? Less hectic than mine, I hope.



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