I know I’ve been MIA. Life has just been keeping me sort of.. In the dumps and I have’t been feeling much like.. writing or blogging. I haven’t updated my Bookstagram (instagram) much either, despite the fact I’ve gotten SOOOO many books in thanks to #BooksforTrade & #ArcsforTrade on Twitter!

What brings me back today is something I am.. beyond disgusted about. Floored even. Raging, maybe?

I love Halloween, I really do. Even when my Anxiety tells me to turn and run away I try to fight it as much as possible. I love Cosplay/costumes and dressing up. It’s fun! You get to be someone else! You get to hang out with friends especially if they throw parties!

But what I saw today threw a wrench in my gut. Through a third party seller a certain retailer store was selling Asylum Straight Jackets, Suicide Scar and Razor Blade make up kits, Schizophrenia jump suits, and Anorexia dresses as COSTUMES.. They were selling MENTAL ILLNESS COSTUMES.




Even if the main retailer wasn’t responsible who in their right mind would think this was okay?! And why would the models be okay with it?! MENTAL ILLNESS IS NOT A COSTUME!! So needless to say I sent a VERY strongly worded letter to the retailer begging them to take them down. The community of Twitter was successful in getting the retailer to take it down and the retailer asks us to keep an eye out and send links their way via their official FB page.

But still.. To stigmatize mental illness as a costume.. just made me sick to my stomach. WHO DOES THAT!? Halloween is about fun. I get it but making a mental illness a costume isn’t fun. It’s making fun of someones sickness and that’s just.. not cool. That isn’t something that’s okay.

I will be trying to post more. Maybe I’ll update once more after I get over my revulsion.


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