ARCs & 4th Weekend Update

I apologize for not being around as of late. Things in life have been a bit.. screwy.

For a bit of good news first, I received an ARC of NeverNight by Jay Kristoff which has me SUPER excited. I can’t wait to get into that one as soon as I finish Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall and The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia!

Yay for Books! On top of that happy, LATE, book release birthday to Victoria Schwab for This Savage Song! I pre-ordered it ages ago to get it ON release day and wasn’t disappointed! Thank you,!

From there I went into Chicago to see friends for the 4th of July. Not a bad thing at all. I brought my Pomeranian named Bear thinking it might be better than leaving him home. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Due to stupid crap and someone turning off the white-noise maker that was going on to try and drown out the fireworks my poor Pom is now even MORE terrified of things that go BOOM.

The trip itself wasn’t the problem. I got to see friends, go to parties where Bear came with me, hang out, received an amazing coloring book as a late birthday present and so on. Where Bear got traumatized was my bff’s boyfriend and family invited us out to his family’s boat on to Lake Michigan from the Naval Base to see the 4th fireworks. I couldn’t turn it down. But knowing Chicago could get noisy we took all the precautions we could. We sound proofed the house with white noise, I put things that smelled like me out so I knew Bear would lay down and sleep on them, the other dog in the house was cocooned in the owners bedroom where she feels safest. We did everything right to make sure the dogs were SAFE.
Midnight comes and we get a text and my dog is under the the couch and won’t come out, the other dog broke down bedroom door. It turns out the fireworks were being done SO CLOSE TO THE HOUSE the dogs FREAKED. They tore the house apart. And the freaking room mate TURNED OFF THE WHITE-NOISE.

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! The one thing keeping the dogs sane was TURNED OFF. Fireworks were going off before we left and we couldn’t hear it over the white-noise. So Im sure the close ones where what freaked them out but the white-noise HELPED. We know it did.

So thanks for that. Now Bear is worse off, I found out after a storm the other night. That was.. fantastic. He did everything but try to crawl into my clothes and skin that night all while trying NOT to throw up on me.

Things since then have left me exhausted. I haven’t read in days. I sleep A. LOT. Nearly napping every day because the last few days have been storming so Im checking on Bear or comforting him all the time while he calms down. I found a way to counteract it which is play the HAMILTON soundtrack LOUDLY from my phone.


So that’s my life update plus an update on the ARCS of books I’ve received. A real update on books and depression is coming soon.

I have another guest blog coming from someone whose been here before! So keep an eye out!

Love ya!


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