Anti-Anxiety Pills

Yesterday was one of those days I needed an Anti-Anxiety Pill. I take, either, Clonazepam or Trazodone depending on how bad the symptoms are.

I haven’t had to take either of them in a while because I’ve been pretty good are keeping the emotions in check and knowing when to get out of a bad situation. I just don’t know what came over me yesterday. Nothing bad was happening.

All that was going on was having the plumber over to fix the sink and the basement. Was I worrying over the bill? That he couldn’t fix it and we were going to be continually screwed? All possibilities. How they directly effected my anxiety I’m not entirely sure. But what I do know is that I got my butt thoroughly kicked yesterday.

After taking the pill and the plumber left I passed out for FOUR HOURS. Wasn’t exactly on my plan for the day but with the attack and the pill I was completely wiped. I hate episodes that are just so body draining there’s nothing left to me.  I feel like it leaves me useless for the rest of the day if not into the next twenty-four hours or so. The migraines that sometimes follow are no laughing matter, either. Thankfully I managed to by pass that this time.

That was my Friday.

How are you Anxiety days? Anything similiar?


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