Writing A Book

I apologize for not being around to much the last week or so.

Things have been a little nuts around here. Our dishwasher doesn’t work. Our kitchen sink has also stopped working. I’m working on reading The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia for review. We’ve gotten SEVERAL days of bad weather, yesterday having been the worst of yet, but we got VERY lucky unlike some other counties around us. Life has been a whirl wind!

That being said while I have three book ideas started I finally have a fourth that might be one I can take to completion if the idea sticks with me. I just need to keep making notes. Essentially it’s going to start real life experiences I’ve been through and then lead out into another story. Hopefully I can do it flawlessly so we shall see. It will be YA and it will be contemporary. Not something I saw myself writing but if I can do it well I will, hopefully, be on the right track and it’s the right inspiration to really get me going.

Maybe it’ll be the inspiration to be the writing career boost I needed. So I’m going to continue working on it, IN SECRET, the best I can. IN SECRET being I really don’t want my family to know about it until it’s a DONE project. I don’t want them to read it or know about it because it will have real life experiences in it, all under fake names, I will have another name as my author name (I hate my birth certificate name), and so forth. I’m not putting them in a bad light, I just don’t want criticism from them specifically. From everyone else, fine I can take that, them not so much. Because they WILL want me to change it which will make me lose my drive to continue the story and I can’t afford that. That’s not what the creative process is about.

I won’t let anyone silence me. I’m not hurting anyone.

So that’s the lately update. Look for a review soon about Kami Garcia’s newest book which is out in October!


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