Summer Time

I’ve noticed, for me, the summer time can be easiest and the hardest time of the year when it comes to Anxiety and Depression.

The reasons being:

  • Distance from my friends
  • Lack of Job which meant no money
  • Inability to Drive

I believe that’s where my love for reading really came in handy for me. My family moved to my tiny northern IL town in Spring of ’06. I didn’t have much going on. I was never really a reader in my youth. TV was getting repetitive. I had no money to go out and do vacations.

So then a friend suggested Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. Both of which I devoured in days. From there I was hooked and I was reading any time I could afford it. I would baby sit a friend’s kid, get $20-30 and I’d ask to go to Borders (*cry*) and I’d get the next couple books of each series. Then I branched out.

From there I’d read any time I got the chance. I still can’t drive and my friends are at a distance, and I’m still looking for work but in all of my trying to get my life together while exhausted, I read. A lot. It drives people nuts but it’s how I like to spend my Summers. Inside or out. On dry land or at my friends lake house on their boat. I read. Or try to when there’s no noise.

But even in all of that, it’s very easy to become isolated. Sitting out in the sun to soak up those rays really do help elevate the mood but it’s nothing compared to interaction with friends. And I know you know this. So while your nose is stuck in a book this summer, please get out there and do your book shopping or hanging out in book stores WITH FRIENDS. They truly make all the difference. If the tragedies of this weekend in Orlando show you anything, life can be snuffed out very easily. To quickly. So hang out with your friends, tell them you love them. Go on a road trip. Raid book stores in different cities or states. Travel to book or movie filming sites. Something!

Don’t let that Anxiety and Depression beat you! Don’t let life pass you by! But still, bring a book or two in a bag with you, naturally. 😉


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