Love is Love is Love

I thought, perhaps, after the passing of Christina Grimmie that maybe that would be the last somber post I’d have to do for a while. I know it’s my first but I’d hoped it would be my last for a good while.

The loss of life in Orlando is a loss for the LGBTQIA community as a whole.

I have quite a few gay friends of both genders and I can not pretend to remotely understand what it must like to be them in the harshest moments. What their thoughts must be in the heat of hate. Inability to be married to the ones they love before the last few years. To be told they can’t make medical decisions for their partners because their relationships are not recognized by the law or medical boards before recently. Now, thanks to a hater they could be afraid to just be who they are in fear of being killed.

What happened in Orlando should never have happened.

Sandy Hook never should have happened.

This isn’t about taking your right to bear arms. It’s about them being in the right hands of the right, mentally abled, specifically trained humans only to be used when immanent danger is present. When they’re hunting in the protection of the forest with vests and away from civilians. Or if they’re in the armed forces. I am comfortable with the right for concealed carry if you’re a careful gun owner.

But these people who are randomly getting fire arms and knives with the intention to hurt someone specifically or a group of someone’s has to be stopped. Or a screening process more than a background check has to be done.

So please, as your friend and someone who is becoming fearful to leave the house to go to the store, email your president. Email your state reps. Sign petitions. Make your town a safer place by making it mandatory that guns get stricter laws.

Something has to happen. More lives don’t need to be lost. Of any color. Any gender. Or of any orientation. No. More. Death.


(C) photo to Lisa Frank Inc


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