Girl Last Seen by Heather Anastasiu & Anne Greenwood Brown

So after my last post, how about some good book reading fun!? This amazing book is on sale for for Kindle for $1.99. Just click on the photo above and you’ll be taken right to the Amazon page!

Girl Last Seen is a book I received at Bookcon 2016 in Chicago. I went with my BFF, Lindsey, and while she was in a panel both Heather and Anne were giving away this amazing book for free with autographs! Naturally I got two, one for Linds, one for myself both personalized.

Girl Last Seen synopsis: Kadence Mulligan’s star was rising. She and her best friend, Lauren DeSanto, watched their songs go viral on YouTube, then she launched a solo career when a nasty throat infection paralyzed Lauren’s vocal chords. Everyone knows Lauren and Kadence had a major falling-out over Kady’s boyfriend. But Lauren knows how deceptive Kadence could be sometimes. And nobody believes Lauren when she claims she had nothing to do with the disappearance. Or the blood evidence… As the town and local media condemns Lauren, she realizes the only way to clear her name is to discover the truth herself. Lauren slowly unravels the twisted life of Kadence Mulligan and sees that there was more to her than she ever knew. But will she realize she’s unknowingly playing a part in an elaborate game to cover up a crime before it’s too late?

It’s an AMAZING read so far so when I saw it on sale for Kindle I had to grab it myself! When I finish you’ll, for sure, get a big spoiler-free review!

Happy Reading!


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