Once again Cancer might be rising it’s ugly head in my family.

It killed my mother along with sepsis when she was only 39 years of age.

Now the aunt I’ve lived with since I was fourteen could possibly have breast cancer. She is supposed to have her test results tomorrow but they canceled so they can retest the biopsies they took yesterday.
That being said we’re hoping it means that:

A) The biopsy sample is so small they need to re-cut it and test it again just to make sure it’s nothing.
B) It’s inconclusive.

Yes, I’m aware both scenario’s are sort of the same but at the same time they are not. A) is double checking. B is re-running because there was no answer in the first place. Option C), though not up there, is obviously IT IS Cancer and they need to test one more time to figure out which spot in her breast it was, there were two, and what category stage it’s in and so on.

Let’s hope C) isn’t the actual answer and it’s A or B for a negative test result.

In the mean time I’m going to continue reading my books and browse and GoodReads (friend me here: ) and see what other fine authors and such I can find to entertain myself. Keep my mind off things.

What do you do in a time of unease and crisis?


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