Thanks to a post in one of the many book groups I joined on Facebook I found out about many subscription boxes for book lovers like you and I!

The cheapest with an offer of 2 books for $9.99 + shipping for a total of $14.99 total is You have 6 genre’s to choose from. Everything from Mystery, to YA, to Children’s, and cook books! How great is that?!

So with some family financial moving around I’m going to try this subscription for the months of the summer and see how it goes. There’s so many good books coming out this summer that I’m DYING to see what the boxes will hold. I, personally, chose the YA box, naturally, because I’m very picky about my mystery and paranormal selections. I didn’t want to get something I could potentially just dislike right out. With YA it could be hit or miss but I usually give anything a try, at least, and if I don’t like it I can give it to the library knowing someone will read it and they won’t just toss it out because it’s unpopular.

I have a referral link here if you’d like to try!

Tell them I sent you! 😉

Well, I don’t think I really can but say Hi any way! They seem like really nice people! 🙂

I hope more of you check it out and will leave reviews of the book genres and books you get! Let me know how they are!


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