Weird Days

Things haven’t been too great.

My moods have been all over the place. I’m not sure if it’s.. PMS or just irritation and frustration working it’s way out in the form of stress. But I’ve been INCREDIBLY moody and it hasn’t been easy to be me at all as of late.

It’s not fun being angry ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve contacted my doctor about it just letting her know this change is very much different from how I usually am. It’s happened twice in two months in relation to that wonderful time once a month for a woman. UGH. LOL

But I have new books so that seems to be helping. The Doon series and Passenger. Still working on them given I don’t read the fastest. I, also, seem to notice the mood swings happen during HANGRY times. Hangry meaning Hungry Angry. Going too long with out food you become a jerk, essentially. LOL! Which I don’t do.. ever.

SOOOoooo I don’t know what my deal is.

How have you been feeling? Any good books as of late? Any new sales going on Kindle or others for books? Let me know!

That being said, the Paper Magician series by Charlie N. Holmberg is on sale for $1.99 as EBook! So check it out if you get the chance!



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