So I’m hoping to start this blog as a new endeavor into the life of my 30’s.

I say that because things haven’t gone quite as I would hope. As much of a life ‘plan’ everyone would like to think they can lay out we all know it never comes to fruition. For most.

Because of that Anxiety and Depression has ridden my life since my very early high school years. While books were never a major part of my life then and, most likely, my home work suffered because of it my adult years are filled with them. Probably even saved my life at one point.

I come to you with this blog in hopes that it’s a safe place for everyone with Anxiety and Depression problems but while also having a -PASSION- for books or any other relative fandom obsession!
Through this blog, hopefully, we can unite together, fangirl/fanboy, and reach out when we have a rough day.

Call me Bella, I’ll be here any time you need me. ❤


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