So this is one of those moments my anxiety ranks highest. We're getting severe thunderstorms and I have a LARGE fear of them. It's usually pill, book, and tea time to try and calm me down. Doesn't always work, of course. The faster they're over the better.. What do you do in the worst high … Continue reading Storms



It's 11:48PM and, usually, I'm asleep by now thanks to the routine my Pomeranian has put me into. But thanks to a killer migraine I've had all day it seems sleep will be eluding me. I would love to read but, again, the whole pain and concentration thing is a little hard to focus with. … Continue reading Up

After advertising my blog around on Twitter (Fandomlvr) and Facebook last night it was brought to my attention that most people have depression AND anxiety at the same time. Most seem to think it's one or the other and that's a large misconception. It's becoming better known that having one usually leads to the other, … Continue reading